The Heart
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The Heart


The wealth of the broken heart may have come upon some of you. When this happens there always are good sky fairies that are able to sew the broken pieces without a trace. The heart will recover seamlessly and will continue to love again.
The heart is sewn with a leather thread. It is an interesting piece of jewelry.
This product is an appropriate gift for people that you have loved, friends that have reconciled with, for anniversaries and birthdays and any symbolic occasions.
N.B. The quoted price refers to the jewel and a leather strap and does not include the metal ring. In order to complete the set and order the ring, please, follow this link.

Product Description

The first known ornaments are from the Paleolithic period. Beads of shells from the sea mollusc Nassarius were found in a cave in Morocco, which were dated back to approximately 110,000 years BC.

After that during the Neolithic period (from about 10 000 to about 3000 BC) the sophistication of stone tools and the innovations made possible the design and the development of pottery, figures and ornaments. The oldest so far discovered golden treasure of the Varna Necropolis (Bulgaria) dates back to that time.

An interesting fact is that in ancient Egypt silver was much more rare and therefore more valued than gold.

At the end of the Bronze Age (about 1500 BC) new technologies have been developed. The Vаlchitrun treasure (found in our country) dates back to this period.

And so on through the ages and the development of civilization, and to this day, where the jewelry though having lost a bit of its ritual character is still a desirable female attribute issuing a lot of the owner’s character, mood and social status.

Casting technology of silver or bronze that I use is complicated and is performed in specialized workshops in centrifugal foundry. I create designer original pieces of jewelry in limited numbers. I find silver to be a rarely pleasant noble material and you might, too. The bronze bears another charm, after all there used to be a whole Bronze Age.