Black Boxes Discussions IV

Black Boxes Discussions – IV


When I fell in love for the second time all the feelings and events that took place between me and the object of my love (e.g. the Bird in this text) were suffered and dreamed and then painted and included in graphics cycles.
This is one of the periods of these relations developing mainly in the artistic sphere. My sphere.

People call circumstances the things’ deep essence they don’t understand. Most generally, circumstances concur and not drain (draw, flow) away.
Due to heterogeneous circumstances, My Bird and I don’t see each other often. And when we do see each other, there is a pell-mell of various pieces of information, piled up on the basis of our system. We communicate on the principle of the black boxes.* We do not open directly. Everything is astoundingly close to us, and desperately far. She plays. I paint.
But sometimes we pierce the clouds together. We submit to the same laws, yet there are so many differences. But this is a part of the method of mastering – to master a system, you needn’t know its structure.
Walks, looks, touches and embraces – these are just hypotheses concerning the structure of the system. Their multiplication can only bring to other hypotheses. But the process of advancement of truths from a lower to a higher order characterizes the whole knowledge. Here is a graphic series of similar knowledge. I do an exhibition with them.
As a rule in similar aspects of knowledge, My Bird doesn’t come flying for the opening night. She alights in another day. Just like a bad-mannered child, the Great Hunger starts playing with the whole of my body. Mainly with the breathing and heart-beating systems. I rush out of the hall so as not to lose face.
My Bird buys a picture from that exhibition. Years later she shares that sometimes late at night she manages to get inside that picture! This confession is enough to me. I mark a considerable success in the communication between our black boxes.

* The method of the black box is applied when it is known about a certain system that it has en entrance and an exit, but the structure of which, for some reasons, can not be examined directly (through the opening of the black box.)

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Canvas coated on hardboard 4 mm/0,16 in thick
Canvas stretched and stapled on an wooden subframe 40 mm/1,57 in thick

Dimensions of Prints on Canvas:
50 x 40 cm / 20 x 16 in
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