The Green Haired Girl

The Green Haired Girl


This lithography is dedicated to the importance and wisdom of a picture for the relationship between two people. It was first captured in my website; then it slipped but was later restored and has continued to play for many years its invaluable role for one on-line friendship, such friendship which is unseen and unheard of in today’s bulk times. Two souls communicating in the most accurate and complete way via this girl, who carries her leaves around the world, without knowing each other and yet getting closer than the closest friends.
A short history about it:

First letter.
“Ambiguity of poetry.
The Green-Haired girl running with a leaf can no longer be seen amongst the images that you have captured in your paintings on your web site.
Please, if you do not wish to return this image-window there, please, send me a reflection of her in an attachment :)”

To: Nihanafe 24/11/08
“If you so much desire the green-haired girl, she will return with a spring leaf. “

“… So I shall get it.”

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Product Description

Technique: Graphics

Print on canvas (Giclee):
Canvas coated on hardboard 4 mm/0,16 in thick
Canvas stretched and stapled on an wooden subframe 40 mm/1,57 in thick

Dimensions of Prints on Canvas:
50 x 40 cm / 20 x 16 in
36 x 28 cm / 14 x 11 in

Print on paper coated on hardboard 4 mm/0,16 in thick:
Photo paper, mat
If you would like a print on a satin or glossy paper please add a note to the purchase.

Dimensions of Prints on Paper:
50 x 40 cm / 20 x 16 in
36 x 28 cm / 14 x 11 in

Print on Foam Board (Foamcore) 5 mm/0,2 in thick

Dimensions of Prints on Foam Board
50 x 40 cm / 20 x 16 in
36 x 28 cm / 14 x 11 in

Print Equipment:
– the highest quality machine for printing on photo paper and canvas
– 12 colours HP Designjet z3100
– technology of three grey colours
– perfect quality of black and white as well as coloured photographs
– 2400 dpi resolutuion
– UV inks